Staying Healthy on a Long Road Trip

Staying Healthy on a Long Road Trip

Thanksgiving is fast-approaching; for many of us, that means long road trips to visit family and friends. While the holiday season is filled with anticipation, it can also push our healthy habits by the wayside.

Staying healthy on a long road trip can be challenging, especially when faced with limited options for food and physical activity. But fear not! With some planning and preparation, you can stay on track while enjoying the holiday festivities.

Here are some tips for staying healthy on a long road trip this Thanksgiving season.

1) Pack healthy snacks

Succumbing to gas station junk food is easy when your stomach grumbles during a road trip. Avoid this imminent temptation by packing your healthy snacks. This could be fruits, nuts, and veggies. Not only will this save you money, but it will also keep your energy levels up and prevent you from overeating.

2) Plan ahead

Do your homework before you hit the road. Find nearby gyms, healthy restaurants and grocery stores adjacent to the highway where you’ll travel. Urban legend says the power of fast food becomes stronger during busy and tiring road trips. Prevent yourself from falling into this temptation.

3) Find an accountability partner

Perhaps you have a gym buddy you’d like to invite over for thanksgiving. If they’re willing to travel a thousand miles on the road with you, bring them! You need allies that will keep you healthy, not friends that say, “go ahead; it’s just some burger and fries” when you’re craving. Plus, you can exercise with your accountability partner along the way.

4) Keep yourself hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system and avoiding fatigue. Bring along water bottles that you can refill whenever possible. You could also pack them with ice before leaving to keep your tumbler cool during the journey. Steer clear of sugary drinks as much as possible and, if it can be helped, limit your alcohol consumption.

5) Choose the “lesser evil.”

Sometimes, there won’t be any available healthy restaurants around and no grocery stores you could get supplies from. During these situations, we advise you to choose the lesser evil. Whether that’s a drive-through or a fast food chain, don’t gratify your cravings and compromise your health. As much as possible, select the “healthier” food options, for instance:

  • Burger without the buns
  • Apple slices instead of fries
  • Grilled Chicken– not fried

This way, you keep yourself healthy for the long trip ahead.

6) Use a decent amount of sunscreen

Did you know that 53 percent of skin cancer occurs on the left side of the body?

That’s the part that’s exposed to the sun while driving. While the windshield and other windows may be treated with transparent window film that blocks out UV rays, it only works when the windows are up. Exposure to the sun’s scorching heat is inevitable if you want a little breeze.

To this end, choose a product that is at least SPF 30 (although there’s no harm in going higher). Rub your arms, neck, and head to be fully protected while driving.

Staying healthy on a long road trip is not only relevant for people driving far distances for Thanksgiving Day. If you travel long distances daily for work, like truck drivers, bus drivers, and delivery folks, protecting yourself is a must. Reliable MD offers DOT physicals to make sure you’re physically, emotionally, and mentally fit for driving.

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