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Annual Physical Exam

Annual Physical Exams Clinic in Sarasota FL

A comprehensive physical exam gives you one-on-one time with your doctor to evaluate, protect, and improve your health – regardless of how you feel. At Reliable MD, we offer safe, professional, and thorough physical exams to ensure your health is exactly where you want it to be. Contact us today for more information about our physical examination services or book in online if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to meet you at whatever stage in your healthcare journey you’re currently at. We are conveniently located at 5045 Fruitville Rd Suite 123B, Sarasota, FL 34232.

Annual Physical Exams Clinic Near Me in Sarasota FL
Annual Physical Exams Clinic Near Me in Sarasota FL

Table of Contents:

What is an annual physical exam?
What is usually included in an annual physical exam?
Is an annual exam the same as a physical?
How do I prepare for an annual physical?

An annual physical examination is an essential preventive care service that assists patients in addressing their current health status and safeguarding their health for the future. While many patients make the decision to only see their primary care physician when they start to feel unwell, annual physical exams are recommended whether you’re feeling well or not. These yearly visits ensure that any conditions or illnesses that you may have been caught and treated as early as possible.

What is an annual physical exam?

A physical examination is composed of various medical tests that your primary care provider performs at least once a year to check and safeguard your overall health. Annual physical exams are scheduled as a form of proactive medical care, ensuring that ongoing or potential issues are addressed promptly and effectively.
An annual physical exam is beneficial as it gives your primary care physician a way to regularly address, update, and track your overall health. In addition to this, these regularly scheduled exams are also a great opportunity to talk to your physician about any medical concerns you may have and/or to ask them questions that pertain to your health and well-being.

What is usually included in an annual physical exam?

While a physical exam may vary slightly depending on the patient and the provider, there is a definite standard of care and testing that you should expect. Annual exams are typically composed of the following:
A detailed review of your health history. Your doctor will review any medical conditions that you’ve currently been diagnosed with and will ask you about any changes to your current health.
A physical exam. During this process, you can expect your provider to: 
Take your pulse.
Listen to your heart and lungs.
Check your mouth and ears.
Feel your lymph nodes.
Examine your skin.
Look for swelling in your extremities.
Conduct a breast exam.
Check your height and weight.
Measure your vital signs and blood pressure.
Review of each organ system.
Internal exam and/or sexual health screening. This may include a pelvic exam, pap test, mammogram, prostate check, STI check, and any other relevant testing that is prescribed by your doctor.
Blood test. Routine blood tests provide your doctor with insights into how well your organs are working and are useful in helping to diagnose certain diseases (such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.)

Is an annual exam the same as a physical?

While an annual physical exam and a yearly physical refer to the same type of care, an annual wellness exam, and an annual physical exam have some key differences.
While both types of visits have preventative care at the forefront, an annual physical is a more extensive exam than a wellness visit. An annual physical is a more thorough and comprehensive visit that is typically more “hands-on”. It includes a thorough overview of your health, a physical exam, and any necessary blood work and/or lab tests.
In contrast, an annual wellness exam is more “hands-off” and focuses more on overall risk assessment. The purpose of a wellness exam is to identify and fill in gaps in care and to help identify the current state of a patient’s health to create a comprehensive baseline for future care.

How do I prepare for an annual physical?

Before heading into your physical exam, you’ll want to make sure that you’re armed with all the information that you need. This includes:
• A list of any medical procedures you’re undergoing or have undergone.
• A list of any vaccinations you’ve received.
• Questions pertaining to your medical health that you would like answered.
• A list of any doctors and/or specialists that you’re currently seeing.
• A document that details any medications and supplements you’re on.
• A list of the symptoms that you’re currently experiencing.
• Any past diagnoses or treatment plans that you’ve been on.
• A list of any allergies.
• Any information that your doctor has asked you to track (such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc).
• Any results that you’ve received from recent tests and lab work.
Your doctor may already have records of some of these if you’ve seen them before; however, it’s always best to come prepared. Providing your primary care physician with all necessary medical information gives them a more thorough understanding of your health and can help them formulate more comprehensive diagnoses, treatment plans, and recommendations.
If you’re looking for reliable, safe, and professional care, reach out to us at Reliable MD. We provide comprehensive annual physical exams to maintain and better your overall health. Contact us today for any questions that you may have about our annual medical examinations or book in online to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We serve patients in Sarasota County on Fruitville Rd, which is close to Whitfield Ave, Bee Ridge Rd, Lockwood Ridge Rd, and beyond! We also provide telehealth services, serving the entire state of Florida.