Hurricane Preparation and Survival Tips

Hurricane Preparation and Survival Tips

The team here at Reliable MD hopes you and yours are taking all necessary safety precautions for the incoming storm! Use common sense, listen to your inner voice, remain calm, and follow our Hurricane Ian Safety Tips.

Here are some ways to prepare for Hurricane Ian:

  • Stay informed

Monitor the weather forecast and alerts so you know if there’s a storm coming. Note the projected date of landfall, forecasted intensity, and recommended preparations your local community advises. Have a battery-powered radio on hand to be continuously updated. You can also sign up for free text and email alerts from your locality if they offer such a service.

  • Prepare an adequate amount of supplies

Gather food, water, and other survival supplies like medicines, first-aid kits, batteries, and chargers for your household. The rule of thumb is to prepare at least two weeks’ worth of supplies if the local community advises people to stay indoors. Alternatively, if you have to evacuate, prepare a go-kit containing at least three days’ worth of supplies.

  • Secure your home

Bring all outdoor furniture and other loose items indoors. Aside from keeping your things safe, it will also prevent them from causing injury to other residents. Shut your windows and lock the doors. If possible, invest in storm shutters because they offer the best protection against flying debris.

  • Keep important documents safe

Make sure you have copies of important documents such as your ID, insurance information and bank statements. Store them in a waterproof and fireproof container. You can also keep them electronically by scanning or taking pictures of them.

  • Plan your evacuation route

Know where the evacuation center is and familiarize yourself with the route. Choose several possible routes in case one of them is blocked by debris or flooding. Make sure to have a map of the area handy. If you have pets, make arrangements for their care in advance as well.

  • Keep your gas tank full

In case you need to evacuate, it’s important to have a full gas tank, so you don’t get stranded on the way. If a hurricane is approaching, avoid using your car unless absolutely necessary to conserve gas.

  • Evacuate if necessary

If advised by authorities to do so, evacuate immediately to avoid getting caught in the storm. If you can’t evacuate, find a safe place to ride out the hurricane. That could be a sturdy building or even a small interior room in your home.

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Stay safe, and see you soon!

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