8 Tips to Improve Your Vision

8 Tips to Improve Your Vision

Good vision is critical for success as both a boat captain and a commercial driver. Your vision allows you to identify threats and operate the vehicle properly. Poor vision, in general, can make it difficult to learn and be productive.

And unfortunately, aging takes a toll on the body, especially your eyes. That’s why eye exams and exercises are so important. Regular exams can help detect problems early before they become too severe to treat. And exercises can help to keep your eyes healthy and improve your vision.

Getting ready to schedule your DOT or Boat Captain physicals? Consider trying these 8 tips to improve your vision and ensure you pass your vision exam.

1.  Figure Eights

The figure eight eye exercise is a great way to help improve your vision and keep your eyes healthy. You can do this simple exercise anywhere, anytime.

To do the figure eight eye exercise, find a focal point on the floor that is 10 feet away. Focus on the object and trace it with your eyes in a figure-eight pattern. After 30 seconds, switch directions. This exercise is a great way to help improve your vision and keep your eyes healthy!

2.  Blinking

If your eyes feel strained after staring at a computer screen, try a simple blinking exercise. It can help refresh your eyes and relieve some of the tension they may be feeling.

Start by closing your eyes. Then, open them and blink rapidly for 30 seconds. Finally, close your eyes again for a few seconds. Repeat this process 3-5 times.

You should notice a difference in how your eyes feel after doing this exercise. If you find it helpful, you can do it several times throughout the day. Blink away!

3.  Palming

One simple but effective tip to improve your vision is palming. Warm your hands by rubbing them together. Place your palms over your closed eyes, making sure not to apply any pressure.

Take some deep breaths and relax, staying in this position for five minutes. Feel free to repeat this exercise several times throughout the day!

4.  Barrel Card

Barrel card eye exercises are another good tip to improve your vision. These exercises help to strengthen the eye muscles and improve blood flow to the eyes.

To do this exercise, you will need a standard sheet of paper. Cut a small circle in the center of the paper. Next, hold the paper up to your eye and look through the hole at an object in the distance.

Move the paper closer to your eye and then further away, while still looking at the object. Do this for about 10 minutes each day. You should start to see an improvement in your vision within a few weeks.

5.  Brock String

The Brock string eye exercise is a great way to promote eye health. This effective exercise involves looking at a string of beads held at arm’s length. Focusing on different colors and shapes will strengthen your eye muscles.

Start by holding the string at arm’s length in front of you. Focus on one end of the string and then slowly move your eyes along the length of the string. Take notice of the different colors and shapes.

Once you reach the other end, reverse direction and repeat this several times. Add this easy exercise to your daily routine to prime your eyes before your physical exam.

6.  20-20-20

The 20-20-20 eye exercise is a great way to relieve eye strain and improve your vision. Look at an object 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. This helps to relax the eye muscles and reduce stress on the eyes.

If you work at a computer all day, this exercise can reduce your risk of developing eye problems such as digital eye strain. It can also help to improve your vision if you already have some vision problems.

7.  Near & Far Focus

This exercise can make it easier for you to see things clearly. To do this exercise, start by holding your thumb up close to your face. Focus on your thumb and count to five. Then, switch your focus to something in the distance and count to five again. Repeat this process several times.

You should start to see a difference in your vision after doing this exercise a few times. If you don’t, be sure to talk to your doctor or an eye specialist about other ways to improve your eyesight.

8.  Pencil Push-Ups

If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, your eyes can start to feel strained and tired. Pencil push-ups are a great way to help relieve eye fatigue.

Hold a pencil at arm’s length and focus on the eraser or a letter carved into the side. Slowly bring the pencil towards your face, keeping your eyes focused. Once you begin to see double vision, start again.

Another way to do this exercise is by slowly moving the pencil up and down. Make sure that your eyes follow the movement of the pencil. Do this for 10-15 repetitions. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles around your eyes and improve your focus.

If you’ve been displaying symptoms of eye issues such as squinting, skipping lines while reading, or headaches, give these eight tips to improve your vision a try! And when you’re ready, schedule your DOT exam and your Boat Captain Physical with Reliable MD.

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