8 Tips for a Germ-Free NFL Sunday Party – Go Bucs!

8 Tips for a Germ-Free NFL Sunday Party – Go Bucs!

It is now Autumn in Florida, and we all like to get together and watch our favorite NFL players. With the rise in viruses being spread this year, there is some anxiety about throwing a germ-free party. Read our eight tips below on how to prevent spreading germs and enjoy the NFL Games this season with your friends!

Reduce Your Group Size or Monitor Capacity

When gathering with friends, hosts need to limit the number of people that attend. Only invite10 people MAX if you’re hosting at your house or working with a venue. Keep a low capacity within the space. Invite only the number of people you feel comfortable with; as hosts, you want to ensure no one leaves sick!

Bathroom Preparations

Make sure you have soap “pump units” and backups containers. Keep plenty of clean hand towels available. Crack the window to promote airflow. Periodically check the bathroom before every “quarter break” during the game. Be mindful that guests will rush to the bathroom during the break, get there before them and inspect.

Air Purifier or Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

Consider picking up a quality air purifier that filters germs and smells from the air in the rooms where your guests will congregate. If you have central or window-type air conditioner units, replace the filters the day before your party.

Advise Participants to Stay Home If They Do Not Feel 100% Before the Game.

It’s also essential for you as the organizer to stay healthy. If you are using caterers, they should stay home if they have symptoms. Get everyone’s contact details, including their telephone number. You can contact them directly to inform them if someone who attended the party has become ill.

Make Everything Throwaway

This can be very upsetting for anyone trying to preserve our planet and reduce waste, but throwaway items seem to work the best for germ reduction.

  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Utensils

For example, a throwaway plate is usually a paper plate that is used once for food and then thrown away.

No extra exchanges are needed to collect, wash and put the plate away for later use. Throwaway items reduce the number of exchanges and the potential spread of germs.


Provide Healthy Snacks That Boost the Immune System

If you have food at your event, why not offer healthy options? Germs, viruses, pathogens, and carcinogens can easily make their way into our bodies, especially if our immune system is impaired or weak.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of our bodies and create a strong foundation for fighting off the coronavirus. There is no better way to support your immune system and fighter cells than with healthy food!

Set Up Hand-Sanitizing Stations in Prominent Places

Set up hand sanitizing stations in all the prominent places around your home or venue where people are most likely to gather. Ensure everyone’s seated at a safe distance from each other to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Serve Your Food Rather Than Buffet-Style

Buffets are where germs like to hang out. Think about all the interactions that happen at a buffet. People serve themselves, meaning not everyone will have proper buffet etiquette. They could drop the serving utensils, grab food, then put it back if they took too much, use their hands, sneeze or cough by the dishes, touch multiple plates, utensils, etc. I could easily keep going.

Rather than host this infectious pathogenic platter, serve your guests. Eliminate all the unnecessary exchanges at buffets and stick with a one-exchange serving system.

We hope you find these eight tips helpful. Please always remember to use common sense first. If someone has a compromised immune system or is not feeling “Up to Par,” it is better they skip this week’s NFL gathering. Remember, we have a whole season ahead of us. Follow Reliable MD on Facebook!

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