10 Tips for Candy Intake Moderation

10 Tips for Candy Intake Moderation

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means… “trick or treat!” It’s a season for kids to dress up, walk around town with their friends and ask for sweet, delicious, and luscious candies. This can lead to large amount of sugar consumption, read 10 Tips for Candy Intake Moderation

There’s just one problem. Snacking on sweet candies is unhealthy and can lead to health problems when mismanaged. That’s why Reliable MD prepared this list of 10 tips in candy moderation to help manage your sweet cravings.

So if you’re at risk of eating too many candies or you have children who will be out trick-or-treating, you may want [them] to read this guide.

1.   Only Focus on the Good Ones

Not all candies appeal to your taste buds. So, pick out your favorites and leave the rest. Only choose the candies that make you most satisfied. This way, you are likely to eat less while still being satisfied.

2.   Indulge Your Sweet Cravings

The second in our 10 tips on candy moderation will seem counterintuitive. It’s always better to satisfy your cravings than to put them off and ignore them completely. Free yourself from the bondage of abstinence and you won’t be obsessing over it.

3.   Be Mindful of Your Intake

When we’re bored, our minds go on autopilot and we consume more than we should. The key here is to sit down, take a few pieces and really taste the sweet goodness in your mouth.

4.   Avoid “Tomorrow Promises”

People like to say “I’m eating candy today but throwing all of them tomorrow because I’m starting a new diet.” More often than not, no candy gets thrown and no new diet is started. Restricting yourself from future intake only convinces you to eat more today.

5.   Don’t Have Sweets on an Empty Stomach

Never eat candies on an empty stomach. Give yourself a full heavy meal to prevent yourself from consuming more sweets than necessary. A candy or two after every meal is good enough.

6.   Merge the Sweet and the Healthy

Instead of eating meals first before enjoying your candies, you could keep those sweets in step with nutritious foods. In other words, don’t grab some candies and leave. You could take a few candies, pick out some yogurt and eat some fruits or nuts along with it.

7.   Avoid Making Sweets an “Off-limits”

The more you restrict yourself from eating something, the more likely you’ll overeat once the ban is lifted. Keep in mind that all food is allowed, just take them in moderation.

8.   Set Some Personal Rules

Candy moderation comes with discipline and rule setting. Set some realistic boundaries you can follow to make your quest to discipline much easier. By creating physical boundaries, you can better manage your intake and ration your supplies.

9.   Change Your Mindset on Sweets

Finally, change your perspective on sweets. Don’t feel guilty when you eat junk food because this will only urge you to eat some more. Give yourself some allowance to enjoy the sweets you love.

10.  Put Leftovers in the Freezer

When you leave your sweets within reach, you’ll be tempted to eat more. Once you’ve had your fill, store the rest in your freezer for tomorrow.

That’s it! There go our 10 tips in candy moderation. But Reliable MD has one stance and one stance alone: Junk food is not good for you. If there’s a way to eliminate your intake, the better. However, if it can’t be helped, having a bite is not so bad as long as it’s in moderation.

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