Sleep and Your Sex Drive

Not getting a sufficient night’s sleep time and time again can lead to extreme fatigue, which can negatively affect your life in many ways. One aspect of your life that truly depends on sleep is your sex drive. Without getting the right amount of rest, you may feel a big difference in your sex drive and daily habits.

Less Sleep Means Less Focus

When we sleep, our bodies get time for much needed recovery. Without getting that time, our bodies are constantly forced to navigate life with less energy. At night, your body will be ready to sleep, and you won’t have that extra energy for sex. After a long, tiring day, your body will want rest, not more activity.

Sleep Boosts Testosterone in Men

Normal testosterone levels are essential for men to have typical sex lives. Sleep directly impacts testosterone levels and maintains sexual health overall. If your testosterone levels are low, your sex drive is going to be low as well. To maintain healthy testosterone levels, you have to prioritize getting enough sleep.

Sleep Increases Libido in Women

Sexual function and desire are closely linked to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS causes your body to react to stressors. It is well-known that the part of the ANS that reacts to good stimulators plays an important part in sexual arousal.

Sleep is important to a variety of events linked to the proper function of the ANS and hormonal releases. And, the part of the ANS that responds to negative triggers, like stress, becomes more sensitive when people do not get enough sleep. It is important for women to let themselves get all the sleep they need to be fully rested, mentally and physically.

Sleep Deprivation and Infertility in Men and Women

There is a strong connection between sex and sleep for both sexes. People who are sleep deprived can experience infertility and may even have trouble conceiving. There is a proven connection between sleep disorders and erectile dysfunction in men. Poor sleep can negatively affect hormone levels in both men and women.

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