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REM Sleep Disorder

REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a behavioral disorder which causes people to act out their dreams while their bodies are resting. While some people experience their dreams through mental activity, people with RBD physically move their limbs and can even get up and engage in activities while in a deep sleep. Some people with RBD even experience sleep talking, shouting and screaming, and often kick and punch as well. This can be quite dangerous if they share a bed with a significant other, as they may hurt someone they love. Thankfully, RBD can be treated successfully and symptoms will lessen.

About RBD

Sleep transitions between wakefulness, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement. There are unique characteristics of each sleep state that makes them different from each other. During REM sleep, the brain experiences electrical activity that is similar to the activity that occurs when someone is awake. The brain also experiences muscle paralysis when in REM sleep. When someone has RBD, the states of sleep are not separated from one another. They blend together and as a result, the neurological “barriers” that normal people have when they sleep do not exist. This is a large part of the cause behind RBD.

People who have RBD do not experience muscle paralysis when they are in REM sleep. This permits them to literally act out their dreams and gives them full range of motion as if they are awake. This is why some people experience sleep walking, and violent twitching and jerking.


There are several medications that doctors can prescribe to improve RBD symptoms. Clonazepam is one of the most successful medications because it eliminates the order about 90 percent of the time, and most people do not develop and tolerance for the drug, even if they take it for many years. When clonazepam doesn’t work, some antidepressants or melatonin may reduce the violent twitching and jerking. Regardless, if you have RBD, you should make your bedroom a safe space and remove all sharp objects from the room.

Take Action

If you are experiencing the symptoms of RBD, you should make an appointment with your doctor right away. You do not need to keep suffering. There are medications you can use that can lessen your symptoms right away and will give you relief. While RBD can be a frightening disorder, it does not have to negatively impact your life.