What is Included in a Medicare Wellness Visit?

Medicare Wellness Visit

In order to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have regular check-ups with your doctor. As you get older, it is especially important to keep seeing your doctor for wellness check-ups. Medicare wellness exams give you an idea of your current health and will alert you to any preventative screenings that you need to take. Medicare will cover one visit per every 12 months. Eligibility for this becomes available after you have had Part B for at least one year. Keep reading for more information about Medicare wellness visits.

Who Can Perform a Wellness Visit?

A wellness visit can be performed by any doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other health care provider that is approved by your Medicare coverage. Here at Reliable MD the wellness visit is completed by Dr Victor Deloach.

What Should You Bring to a Wellness Visit

Bring any completed forms that you were asked to fill out. Make sure you have a list of all medications that you are taking, as your doctor will ask you about them. Consider any questions and/or concerns that you have pertaining to any medical issues that you are experiencing. For example, if you have an ailment that has been bothering you for several weeks, it is important to bring it up during your visit.

What Happens During a Wellness Visit

During a wellness exam, the doctor will be asking you several questions or performing certain checkups. Your doctor will ask you questions about your medical history, including your family’s medical history. He or she will ask you about any medications that you are on. He or she will also check your current weight, height, and blood pressure. Monitoring for signs of memory loss or dementia will also take place. Your doctor will also discuss preventive services for you and suggest screenings that you should schedule for yourself.   If you are eligible for a Medicare wellness visit, it is imperative that you take advantage of your yearly visits. If you do not use it for the year, you cannot carry it over into the next year. Maintain your health and schedule a wellness exam with us at Reliable MD today.

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