What Happens When Injuries Go Untreated

Injuries can occur from car accidents, rough playing, sports, falls or at work. It’s nearly impossible to avoid injuries, but once they happen it is necessary to treat them as quickly as possible. If left untreated, your body can heal improperly or can become further damaged. Keep reading to discover what can happen when injuries go untreated.

Leaving Fractured Bones Untreated

When a bone is fractured, the bone has separated. A fracture can be a complete break or a partial fracture, which means that part of the bone is still connected. It will result in a nonunion or a delayed union if it is not treated. A delayed union means that the bone will not heal and swelling and pain will continue. Fractures can heal as long as a doctor resets the bone.  Delayed unions will take longer to heal, however. Even when a doctor resets the bone, issues can still arise. Most times, the bone can be restored to normal.

Leaving Whiplash Untreated

If you have experienced a hard impact to your body due to a car accident, or while playing sports or from working, then you may develop symptoms of whiplash. Whiplash is especially common for those who have been rear-ended in a vehicle accident. After the incident, you will feel very sore, but you may feel as though it does not warrant being checked out by a doctor. However, no matter how severe the injury, it is imperative to be looked at by a doctor. If left alone, the soft tissue that was damaged can cause further damage to the spine and nerves.

Leaving Concussions Untreated

A concussion is the result of blunt trauma to the brain which can be caused from a car accident, work injury, sports injury or a fall. The typical symptoms of a concussion are dizziness, blurry vision and consistent headaches. In certain cases, blurry vision can occur. Long and short-term memory can be altered and you may have trouble focusing. All of these things make daily life difficult. If treatment is not immediately sought it can result in more serious issues that affect your mental health such as depression, anxiety disorders or phobias. Treatment for concussions are easy once a doctor has diagnosed you, but without treatment you risk having permanent brain damage and other psychological issues.

If you experience any kind of injury, it is unwise to let it go unchecked. Having a doctor check out your injury is essential to ensuring that you have not sustained serious damage. If so, then the doctor can prescribe treatment. If you are in need of being checked out for an injury, make an appointment at Reliable MD today!

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