What Happens at the Immigration Medical Exam?

What Happens at the Immigration Medical Exam

Once you have completed your immigration medical exam, you are that much closer to being granted admission into/permission to stay in the United States. But what happens when you are at your appointment? What is the doctor looking for to make sure that you are healthy? Keep reading to learn more about what happens at the immigration medical exam.

Physical Examination

During your immigration medical exam, the doctor will perform a physical exam. This includes but is not limited to checking your nose, throat, and eyes. He or she will also check your heart, blood pressure, and lungs to make sure that you are healthy and to ensure your most vital organs are functioning properly. The doctor will also feel your stomach, lymph nodes, and skin for any abnormalities. A review of your vaccination history will be completed and any vaccines you need can be administered at our office. For those who are pregnant, you may need to postpone your physical exam until you have given birth.

Mental Examination

During your appointment, you will also be given a mental examination / evaluation. The purpose is so that the doctor can get a conclusion of your comprehension, mood, intelligence level, thought process, and behavior. Grounds for not allowing immigrants into the country include those who currently suffer from a physical or mental illness with harmful behavior or for those who have previously had a physical or mental illness with harmful behavior that is likely to occur again.

Scheduling an Immigration Medical Exam at Reliable MD

The cost of this type of examination depends upon what doctor you visit. At Reliable MD, your appointment will cost $350. We will also make sure that any vaccinations that you are missing can be completed during your appointment. Vaccines are charged separately based on need. Be assured that you will be taken care of and have everything you need to complete this process. After your exam has taken place, your results will either be sent directly to the U.S. embassy or will be given to you in a secure envelope.

Don’t delay in completing this important part of the immigration application process. Visit us at our Immigration Physical Exam page to learn more. Schedule your immigration medical examination with Reliable MD today.

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