How to Transition to a New Doctor

How to Transition to a New Doctor

Sometimes, we have no choice but to move on to a new doctor. Maybe you have a new insurance plan through your employer. Perhaps your doctor stopped accepting your insurance. Or maybe you just don’t like your doctor anymore. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve gathered five steps you should take to help you transition to a new doctor.

1. Find a new doctor.

Before you leave your current doctor, it’s vital to research the doctors you can transition to, including calling the office or visiting their website. This is because you may not be able to see a new doctor if they aren’t taking new patients, if they’re booked out several months in advance or if they don’t accept Medicaid, Medicare or other insurances. It’s important to note that Reliable MD does accept Medicare. Here’s what’s included in a Medicare wellness visit.

2. Say goodbye to your old doctor.

Before transitioning to a new doctor, it’s important to say goodbye to your old one first. In this final visit, you can take notes on the current status of your health conditions. You may also want to talk to them about why you’re leaving, although you don’t have to. Just remember that it’s best not to burn bridges. Most importantly, you should get copies of your medical records.

3. Gather your medical records.

In your final visit with your doctor, make sure you gather copies of all medical records from the past several years. You’ll want your new doctor to see records–including notes, test results, and any other useful information–of your current or chronic medical problems.

After you’ve gotten copies of your medical records, make another copy for yourself to give to your new doctor. You’ll want your new doctor to have access to your medical records before your first visit so they have time to review your chart.

Sometimes your new medical office will gather this information for you. Just ask.

4. Introduce yourself to your new doctor.

After you’ve done the above steps, you can make your appointment to introduce yourself to your new doctor, ask any questions you have, and get a physical exam. Here’s what to expect during an annual physical exam.

To prepare before your visit, write down a list of questions for your new doctor. It’s best to do this while you’re generally feeling well so you have the time to get to know them a bit.

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