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Immunizations & Vaccinations

Immunizations are an important component of healthcare both for the individual and the community. At Reliable MD, we provide a variety of immunization options for all ages.

What are Immunizations?

Also called vaccines, immunizations are injections, nasal sprays, pills or liquids that help the body learn to fight certain infections. There are different types of immunizations depending on the disease they protect against. At Reliable MD we also offer special Travel Vaccinations for patients with an upcoming international trip. Click here to review our Travel Vaccination Options.


For example, tetanus shots are toxoid vaccines, which introduce a harmful substance created by a germ instead of the germ itself. The immune system then creates antibodies against the toxin.


Flu shots are inactivated vaccines, which introduce a dead version of the germ so the immune system can create learn to create antibodies to fight the live germ.


Chickenpox vaccines are live-attenuated vaccines. This means they introduce a weakened, live germ to the body for the immune system to react to. Live-attenuated vaccines are much more effective than inactivated vaccines but carry risks for people with compromised immune systems.


Another category of immunizations are subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines. These vaccines protect you from diseases like shingles and HPV. Similar to an inactivated vaccine, this type of vaccine introduces a part of the germ to the body so that the immune system can learn to recognize and attack that part of the live germ. These are vaccines that can be given to everyone, regardless of immune system status.


The COVID-19 vaccines are part of another two types of groundbreaking immunization called messenger mRNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines. Both types cause the body’s cells to produce a harmless piece of a germ for the immune system to learn to eliminate.


Messenger mRNA vaccines introduce mRNA instructions which the cells use to create the piece of the germ. The immune response then destroys these instructions.


Viral vector vaccines introduce a different, harmless virus which causes the cells to create the piece of the germ. The immune response then eliminates the harmless virus.

Why get Immunizations?

Vaccines help protect you from a variety of diseases and are a lot safer than developing immunity from getting sick with a disease. Getting vaccinated also protects your community by contributing to herd immunity.


Vaccines undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet safety standards before they become publicly available, so they are safe. Always consult your doctor before getting a vaccine if you have a weakened immune system or have had allergic reactions to a vaccine in the past.


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When to See a Doctor

You should see your doctor immediately if you are behind on any immunizations or vaccines, Reliable MD is now offering immunizations.

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