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Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are needed for a myriad of reasons. Below are the physical examinations that we offer here at Reliable MD.

Annual Physical Examination

An annual physical exam is important for several reasons. Keeping up with your health is essential to staying healthy. Having an annual exam will enable the doctor to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can help you improve in areas where needed.  Routine bloodwork is also essential to keep records so that the results can be compared.  Yearly exams can also detect anything alarming, such as unusual test results or illness that you were not aware of such as cancer. It is important to catch these things as early as possible. Schedule your annual exam with us at Reliable MD today.

Children’s Physical Examination

Children need physical exams for several different reasons, such as for school, camp or if they are entering a sport. In order for your child to be able to participate in these activities, a doctor needs to ensure that they are healthy. Schedule your child’s physical exam at Reliable MD.

DOT Physical Examination

This type of physical, also known as the Department of Transportation, is an examination for commercial drivers. These physicals are necessary for CDL drivers in order to ensure that they are physically able to do the job and keep themselves and others on the road safe. As a commercial driver, this exam is required to be completed and pass in order to obtain your commercial

Captains Physical Examination

Physical examinations are necessary for those who are interested in obtaining their Captain’s License. Licenses are required to carry passengers for hire legally. This includes charters for fishing, sightseeing, diving, transportation, teaching, or any use considered a “passenger for hire” situation. In addition, many companies will require them for boat deliveries. This examination will determine whether you are physically able to handle the tasks ahead. This physical is also available here at Reliable MD.