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Annual Physical Exam

In today’s world, it can be difficult to justify going to the doctor every year just for a checkup, especially when you feel healthy. But did you know having a checkup when you’re healthy can actually help your doctor identify when something is wrong later on? Here is why annual physicals are important:


Establishing a Baseline

If you’ve been to the doctor a few times, you know you always get a handful of tests every time. A nurse or assistant checks your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate before anything else. In more recent times, you probably get a temperature and illness screening before you even check in.


This is a good example of establishing a baseline for your health. If your results are always about the same for these tests, a random fluctuation is easy for your doctor to catch and address.


The same goes for other types of tests. You may get routine blood work done with your primary care doctor, a cleaning and inspection by your dentist and an eye exam by your eye doctor. By logging these results in your records, your doctors can look back and compare to find potential problems even if you feel fine. They can also recognize any quirks like a slightly higher normal temperature, so it doesn’t get mistaken for a problem later on.


Catching Hidden Illness

There are a lot of health problems that can go unnoticed for a long time until they suddenly get worse and have already done damage to your body. Getting an annual physical includes tests for common illnesses such as breast or prostate cancer, where it is vitally important to identify them early.



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