Reliable MD’s mission is to provide health & well-being services based on the community’s needs by providing affordable and personalized high-quality medical care.

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Welcome to Reliable MD the Community and Family Health Specialist. We look forward to meeting you in person and resolving your Health issues. Please see guidance and form options below so we can be prepared to assist you:

  • If you were referred by another provider’s office, please obtain a referral if one is required by your insurance.

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Forms should be completed as much as possible and then faxed to 727-203-4613. If you have any questions regarding the forms please feel free to reach out directly to our Health Center 727-203-4613. We are here to help you. Our phone/fax number accepts both voice and fax calls and is HIPAA Compliant.

Our Mission

At Reliable MD we are community health specialists, comprised of a team that is focused on providing the latest advancements in health medicine. Preventive health services such as vaccinations, ailment, and injury assessments help individuals grow within the community. 

Reliable MD’s approach is to first assess a patient’s health through a thorough physical examination. We have found that the results of this method typically unveil any past or current issues that may have been neglected. Starting off with a physical examination of your health is a natural approach that allows our team to review your vaccinations, current ailments or injuries, and medical prescriptions as well. 


It is our goal to properly diagnose when and how health conditions start and see if they can be cured or controlled through natural health and/or a fitness regimen based on your needs and ability before using prescription medication. This philosophy provides a whole health solution and limits the amount of prescription medication being required to that which is only truly essential.