Finding a New Doctor in Sarasota

Finding a New Doctor in Sarasota

The Key to Finding a New Doctor in Sarasota

Let’s face it, finding a new doctor is a hassle no matter how you cut it – but it’s a necessary one nonetheless.


As with life itself, things happen. You might move out of the area, change insurance plans, or need a new doctor for medical, financial, or personal reasons. On the other hand, your doctor might have changed their accepted insurance plans or simply made a shift in their career (retirement, new practice, etc.).


When finding a new doctor in Sarasota, it’s important to research various options and find the right fit for you. Luckily, there are over 150 physicians practicing in the city, so you can be sure to find a specialist that meets your needs.


That said, there is a Finding a New Doctor in Sarasota Find a New Doctor First.

Approach this like you’re looking for a new job: you want to ensure you have a new doctor locked down before you transition away from your current one, if possible.


When transitioning to a new doctor in Sarasota, keep in mind that your first choice might have an unforeseen issue, so make sure you aren’t jumping the gun on cancellations. Many doctors are booked for months, some refusing to take on new patients entirely, while others may not accept your chosen insurance provider.


Once you find a new doctor willing to take you on, be sure to notify your current physician, preferably during a final checkup. During this time, take note of anything important for your new doctor. This includes getting copies of medical records and relaying to your current doctor that this will be your last appointment.


Remember that there’s no obligation to tell them why you’re leaving their office. What matters is that you give them adequate notice as one professional person to another.

Organize Your Medical Records

Make sure you’re getting your medical records from the last several years for your new doctor – everything from notes to test results. Make copies for your doctor as well as your own personal files, then review them carefully, notating any comments, questions, or concerns you may want to add when you get into your first appointment.


Remember that your new doctor will need their own preparation time to review your records beforehand, so be sure to submit them as soon as possible.

Test the Waters With a Physical

Even if you succeed in finding a new doctor in Sarasota that accepts your insurance and isn’t booked to the brim, there’s still the possibility that they simply aren’t a good match for you – and that’s okay.


Ideally, you’ll be with this healthcare provider for the long run, so if you can’t get past the first basic exam with them, it’s worth looking into other options. To this end, the best way to test the waters with a new doctor is to schedule a routine physical exam. List out your questions and medical concerns before the first exam, then use this appointment to determine whether you and your new doctor are a good fit for each other.


At Reliable MD, we understand finding and starting up with a new doctor can be stressful, but we’re here to help you streamline this process and ease your anxiety. Reliable MD is always accepting new patients through our structured process which starts with an annual physical and works with you to find the right care and the right professionals for your needs. Start the process by clicking here!




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