Can Exercise Protect You from Covid?

 After visiting the doctor, you may very well have heard him say, “You need to incorporate more physical activity into your life.” Regular exercise is usually thought of as something that we do in order to lose weight. But in reality, there is more to it than that. Exercise helps to prevent disease and sickness and gives us an overall healthier body. Does that mean that it can protect you from contracting Covid-19 too? Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits of Exercise

Healthcare providers tell us that exercising regularly is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy, along with a healthy and well-balanced diet. It gives us increased energy, boosts our moods, prevents or slows down diseases and certain illnesses, and can give us longer lives. In fact, it is suggested by the American Heart Association to participate in physical activity for about 150 minutes per week. With all of the benefits of exercise, it is not surprising that a study was conducted to see if regular exercise would make a difference in protecting individuals from Covid-19.

Exercise and Covid-19

A recent study conducted at Kaiser Permanente in California discovered that those who were inactive on a daily basis had an increased risk of becoming hospitalized after contracting Covid-19. Those who remained active for 150 minutes or more were less at risk for becoming seriously ill after contracting it. This demonstrates the great benefits of having a daily exercise routine and how it can protect you from developing serious illnesses or diseases. Of course, exercise alone is not enough to keep you perfectly healthy. Aside from a healthy diet, it is also suggested that you protect yourself from Covid-19 by getting vaccinated.

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