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Click the video above to see an informational tutorial on how to unpack and use the Nox T3 Sleep Study Monitor

Reliable Md NOX T3
The Nox T3 Sleep Study Monitor

Reliable MD has spared no expense. Our team has invested in the Next Generation Nox T3 sleep testing device. The Nox T3 is a state-of-the-art device that can capture the same data you would capture in a traditional in-lab monitored sleep study setting.

This means that we can collect the same data with the Nox T3 while you are at your own home, in your own bed, with your dog, cat, or partner curled up beside you as we would get if you were to stay overnight at our center. The machine is comfortable, non-intrusive, and best of all wireless so you are not tethered to a big machine with a set of octopus tentacles wrapping you up in tubes and wires as you try to sleep.

If after watching the video you have any questions regarding the utilization of the Nox T3 Sleep Study Monitor. Please reach out directly to our team so we can assist you.

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Reliable MD
Mission Statement

At Reliable MD we are asleep health specialist, comprised of a team that is focused on providing the latest advancements in sleep health medicine. Proper sleep health affects all areas of a person well being. In the medical field, it has been commonplace to prescribe medication for mental and traditional health ailments that are actually related to an individual’s sleep well being.

Reliable MD’s approach is to first assess a patient’s sleep strength through a thorough sleep study. We have found that the results of this method typically unveils that the use of medication prescribed for numerous disorders can be greatly reduced if not eliminated by following a proper sleep regime. Starting off with an examination of your sleep health is a more natural approach that reduces side effects and other medical illnesses that are related to taking prescriptions. Medical prescriptions can hide the true origin of a disease and cause other issues.


It is our goal to properly diagnose when and how health conditions start and see if they can be cured or controlled through Sleep Health before using prescription medication providing a whole health solution.