Summer, Sports, Children’s Physical Exams

Summer, Sports, Children’s Physical Exams

Physical Exams: Prepare Your Children for Summer Sports & School

Summer is a great time for kids to get active and enjoy some outdoor fun, whether that be exploring nature at summer camp or participating in summer sports.

In the midst of all these summer activities, most parents know that they need to schedule their children for a physical exam before the new school year.

However, many don’t realize that they should also schedule summer and sports physical appointments.

With COVID still affecting the world, children’s physical exams are crucial– and enforced now more than ever.

Benefits of Physical Exams

You may be wondering what benefits you can expect from scheduling your child’s physical exams. Aside from yearly checkups, these physical exams can help keep your child safe and identify health issues early on before they can progress.

Sports Physicals

If your child is active, sports physicals are a vital part of your child’s healthcare. The early detection of conditions is one of the main benefits sports physicals have to offer.

No matter what sport your child is in, physicals can help identify possible underlying conditions that could cause them harm during practice or competition.

You can also receive customized fitness and nutrition advice for your child to keep them happy and healthy. Physicians may suggest diet and exercise, or strategies for dealing with any medical conditions discovered.

Summer Physicals

Summer physicals are of equal importance, especially if your child will be heading off to summer camp.

These physicals help ensure that children are healthy and able to participate in activities during the summer months. The physician usually administers any necessary vaccinations that will help keep them protected from sickness or disease commonly contracted in group environments.

If your child has any existing medical conditions, such as allergies or asthma, the physician will be able to update your child’s medication list.

Ask your child’s physician any questions you have about your child’s health or development during the appointment.

What Do Physicals Include?

Regardless of the type, most physicals include a few key tests such as:

  • Vitals (Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Weight)
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Hearing & Vision

Be sure to bring any and all medical documentation with you to the appointment, including vaccination records and glasses or contact prescriptions. This way, the physician can better understand your child’s current medical history and perform the exam accordingly.

Where to Schedule an Appointment

Reliable MD specializes in physical examination and health services for the Sarasota community.

Our experts are here for all of your child’s physical exam needs to keep them happy, healthy, and on the go. Scheduling your exam as soon as possible helps you avoid delays in any summer activities or sports you have planned for your child.

We pride ourselves on providing health services that are both convenient and affordable. Don’t wait any longer to schedule your child’s sports and summer physicals.

Book your child’s exams with us today!

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