Our Sleep Studies and Equipment

If you suffer from a constant lack of proper sleep, then you know the toll that it takes on your body. You have trouble concentrating while at work, school, or even while at home taking care of daily chores. You may find yourself being short-tempered and irritable. If you have sleep issues and have tried sleep studies in a lab setting, then you understand that these studies can be uncomfortable and therefore inconclusive. Keep reading to learn more about Reliable MD and their top of the line sleep study equipment.

Who is Reliable MD?

We are sleep health specialists based in Sarasota, Florida. We are determined to help you get a better night’s sleep by first assessing your sleeping patterns through a sleep study. This is a natural approach as opposed to prescribing medication. We desire to properly diagnose the problem and any underlying health issues that may be contributing to your sleep patterns. Our lead physician, Dr. Bryan Scuteri, graduated with honors from the Fellowship Program at Louisiana State University School of Medicine and has been practicing for six years. As his passion is promoting better sleep for better health, all of the sleep studies are interpreted and scored by Dr. Scuteri.

How Does A Sleep Study Work?

Having a sleep study can help determine the reason(s) why you are not getting good quality sleep. In order to understand your sleeping patterns and how to improve it, you need to take part in polysomnography, or a sleep study. While undergoing this study, the test will be searching for symptoms of sleep disorders such as a breathing disorder or Sleep Apnea, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Narcolepsy or REM sleep Behavior Disorder. The study will collect information while you sleep to better understand the quality or quantity of sleep you have. This information includes eye movement, brain waves, changes in blood oxygen, movement in your limbs or any strange behavior during sleep. All sleep studies are completed in-house. This means that there is no sending of the results to a third party, so that your results are finished quickly and accurately.

The Nox T3s

At Reliable MD, we use top of the line equipment, the Nox T3s, which is designed for the patient’s needs. As this device contains two integrated high-resolution ExG channels, it allows the doctor to customize its settings for the sake of the patient. Its respiratory analysis system has been proven to be more accurate, which is essential for an accurate sleep study. It is efficient as it has a low failure rate. Its microphone is designed to pick up any snoring or breathing irregularities. All in all, this device is essential in reducing sleep study failures.

If you are looking for a sleep health specialist, please contact Reliable MD today.

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