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How Completing a Sleep Study Will Help Your Overall Sleep Health

Sleep is something that all of us need to survive and function properly. It’s not just the amount we sleep, but the quality of that sleep that is important. You need to understand your sleep health and how you can improve it. Participation in polysomnography, or a sleep study, will reveal problems or sleep disorders that you may have. Once you know these problems, you can figure out a plan for treatment.

Conditions a sleep study can help diagnose

There are a variety of sleep disorders that polysomnography can help identify.

  • Breathing disorders

    Sleep apnea or another breathing disorders can affect your sleep. It causes your breathing to repeatedly start and stop while you're asleep

  • Periodic limb movement disorder

    Another condition that shows up while asleep is periodic limb movement disorder. It can be associated with restless leg syndrome. This condition occurs when you flex and extend your legs while asleep.

  • Narcolepsy

    Narcolepsy is a condition that happens during daylight hours. You may have sudden attacks of sleep and be overwhelmingly drowsy during the day.

  • REM sleep behavior disorder

    This condition involves acting out dreams while asleep.

The measurements recorded during the study

The measurements that are recorded can provide a great amount of information about your sleep patterns.

  • Eye movements and brain waves

    By monitoring your eye movements and brain waves, your healthcare team will be able to analyze your sleep stages. They will also be able to find disruptions that could be the result of REM sleep behavior disorder or narcolepsy.

  • Changes in blood oxygen

    Sleep apnea can be identified through changes in blood oxygen, breathing and heart rate.

  • Leg movements

    Frequent leg movements that are disruptive to your sleep could indicate periodic limb movement disorder.

  • Strange movements or behaviors during sleep

    These signs could indicate REM sleep behavior disorder or another type of sleep disorder.

Benefits of participating in a sleep study

Participating in a sleep study can have some great benefits.

  • Identify sleep problems you may have

    A sleep study can help you get answers. You may have an untreated condition that is affecting your rest.

  • Get proper treatment

    By identifying sleep problems, you can also identify a course of treatment.

  • Improve your life

    Sleep problems not only affect your nights, but your days too. Lack of proper rest can leave you lethargic and irritable. You may have a hard time focusing on the things that you need to get done and the things that are most important to you.

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