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Sex Drive and Sleep Health

When you have trouble sleeping, it can affect all areas of your life. Your relationships, including the one with your partner, can suffer in a variety of ways. You may have developed an elaborate routine and be sensitive to anything that could disrupt your sleep, including your partner. You may sleep separately or find yourself not wanting to engage after work.

Sleeping separately can cause damage to your relationship in a variety of ways. Chronic sleep loss in general can take a large toll on your life. You may withdraw easily from your partner and lose interest in sex because of how tired you are.

Why Sleep Problems Affect Libido

Reasons why sleep issues affect your sex life:

  • You are tired

    It is hard to be interested in sex when you are tired. You may feel fatigued and have low energy. It could also lead to you wanting to go to bed early and forgoing sex in the process. When you are lethargic, it is hard to want to do much of anything.

  • You sleep in separate rooms

    Sleeping in separate rooms can cause problems. It can take away intimacy and opportunity. If you are sleeping in separate beds, you will not be there to even approach the subject of sex. You will find it easier to just try to sleep. By sleeping apart, you may lose intimacy because you are not around each other enough.

  • You are grumpy

    It is hard to be in the mood for sex when you are cranky. Lack of sleep affects your mood. It can cause trouble in relationships due to your irritability. Mood issues tend to be at the worst toward the end of the day when you see your spouse. Insomnia can cause issues in all areas of your life.

How Obstructive Sleep Apnea Affects Libido

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA, may uniquely affect men:

  • Contributes to low libido

    For men with OSA, many report low libidos and lack of sex. OSA affects your ability to breathe properly while you are sleeping.

  • May cause lower testosterone levels

    In some men with OSA, they may also have lower testosterone levels. This lack of proper testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, fatigue, depression and irritability.

Sleep disorders can be detrimental to your life, work and relationships. Keeping your relationship with your partner strong is key as you go through life. Do not let sleep problems ruin your relationships. Set up a Sleep Health Consultation today.