Have Your Kids Been Vaccinated?

Have Your Kids Been Vaccinated?

As the COVID vaccine has become available, many individuals are getting vaccinated and protecting themselves, their families and those around them. Mask mandates are being lifted in many states for those individuals who have been fully vaccinated. But what does this mean for the younger members of your family? Have your children been vaccinated? Keep reading to find out more about vaccinating your children.

COVID Vaccine for Children

At this time, the vaccine is only available to people over the age of 12. Adults who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks in most cases, however, you may choose to wear masks in certain situations as an example for your kids. It is suggested that you and your family wear masks when in public, such as in the grocery store or in large crowds. If you have kids over 12 who have been vaccinated, you may want to have them wear masks along with their younger siblings in order that the younger children do not feel left out. As your children begin playing with their friends once more as restrictions are lifted, keep them masked as they are visiting. When you are with family members or friends who are fully vaccinated, it is not necessary for you to wear masks.

Other Vaccinations

It is important to keep up with other vaccinations for your children, such as chickenpox, measles and pertussis (whooping cough). Have your kids been vaccinated?  If you don’t vaccinate them, they could pass diseases on to other children, including those who are too young to be vaccinated. They could also infect older adults with compromised immune systems. Diseases and illnesses, such as influenza, the measles and pertussis can be very deadly for children, but can be prevented with the proper vaccinations. Don’t risk your child’s health or others’ and talk with your doctor about vaccinating your children.

Keeping your children healthy involves not only keeping their vaccines current, but also having yearly physicals. At Reliable MD, we take your family’s health seriously. We offer several services, such as immunizations, travel vaccinations and sleep health. Contact us at Reliable MD to make an appointment, as we now offer children’s physicals.

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