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Community Health FAQ's

Have questions? We get it and want to help you understand all your Health options. Please see below for some more common questions that we come across.

Conditions "require" a certain type of study, However the majority of sleep physicians will side with some information vs not having at all. For example a person with Afib, reaches the  criteria to have a sleep study performed in-lab. This person has the right to refuse the study in-lab and we could perform it at home, but with the explanation this is not the recommended study for them by AASM Is the link to the official read: . But basically this is just a situation that the doctor would discuss with the patient.

Typically it is your conditions that will dictate which type of sleep study will provide the best information for your diagnosis. However, some insurance companies may direct patients to specifically choose an "In Center" or "At Home" Sleep Study. Reliable MD uses the latest Sleep Study equipment assuring you have the best experience regardless of which type of study is chosen. To see a full list of all insurance providers please click the link below:

Reliable MD works with many patients directly. We can guide you through the insurance process, assuming you have health insurance. If not we can work with you to facilitate a plan.

Absolutely, at Reliable MD we love to see our patients in person whenever possible. However, we completely understand that due to a number of circumstances a visit to our center may not be possible or convenient. At Reliable MD Telemedicine is frequently used to handle your entire Sleep Study Process. 

Reliable MD has spared no expense. Our team has invested in the Next Generation Nox T3 sleep testing device. The Nox T3 is a state-of-the-art device that can capture the same data you would capture in a traditional in-lab monitored sleep study setting.

This means that we can collect the same data with the Nox T3 while you are at your own home, in your own bed, with your dog, cat, or partner curled up beside you as we would get if you were to stay overnight at our center. The machine is comfortable, non-intrusive, and best of all wireless so you are not tethered to a big machine with a set of octopus tentacles wrapping you up in tubes and wires as you try to sleep.

Reliable MD completely understands that CPAP machines are not a "one size fits all" solution.

IF you have a CPAP machine that is not making you feel any better please schedule a consultation and be sure to eaither bring in the CPAP machine to the center or in case of an "In-Home" online consultation have your CPAP handy so we can see your current CPAP.

Reliable MD has invested in the latest sleep study equipment. You will no longer be "tethered" to your machine stuck in your bed.

You can get up if need be and it will not "fail" your sleep study.

Our latest sleep study equipment is designed for the "human factor".